Who and what is this?

My name is Stephen Graham. I’m a musicologist/critic who writes on most areas of music. I’m based in London, and just finished a PhD on political-cultural-aesthetic issues surrounding underground experimental music at Goldsmith’s, University of London. I used to be Classical/Contemporary Music Editor at the Journal of Music, and still sometimes write reviews for Rock-A-Rolla. I am a former Concerts Editor, and current contributing writer, of and to Musical Criticism. I’ve also been published at the Guardian, the JSMI, Perspectives of New Music, and elsewhere. I wrote a host of entries on contemporary musicians/composers for the forthcoming Encyclopedia of Music in Ireland.

I’m a visiting lecturer at Goldsmith’s, Brunel, and the University of Westminster in 2012/13, teaching courses on subjects ranging from cultural theory to popular music to contemporary classical.

This blog is mainly — though far from exclusively — for bits and bobs that don’t fit elsewhere, so that dictates the subject matter……

My motto: the guilty pleasure does not exist.

E-mail me! mrstephengraham@yahoo.co.uk

Follow my halting attempts to be a twit: rbtsdncingalone


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