Top 10 or top 500 or top-since-this-time-last-lunar-cycle lists are fun, but they’re constructed on an inherent contradiction.

When more than one writer is involved in the adjudication, at least an element of collation is required. However, more broadly, there is no measurement of sturdy empirical evidence out of which patterns are discerned going on here. These lists represent the sorry yoking of subjective feeling to a seemingly objective form of organisation.

They comfort us in their seeming integration of the subjective and the objective; our weak and fragile affect is metabolised into positivist rigour and replicable tabulation.

The compilation of such lists occasions a sleight of hand, an elision, a cloak and mirrors exercise meant to demonstrate a discerning where there is only an artificial production.

These lists get us going, but viewed from a certain standpoint, all they really amount to are poor qualitative/quantitative assessment tools.

And they’re evil!!!

Then again, music charts based on actual sales data are probably no less occult.


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