something on relationship of form and necessity. Why is that speck there? What about that tone or noise? Why did Anselm Kiefer use a wire there? Why is that hanging off that? Is that scour necessary?

Interesting how moments or events within larger scale objects operationalise other aspects; how form and voice interplay; how things emerge.

Often think on idea that large portions (or at least portions) of art works are not necessarily doing much affective work, are not important in ratifying or extending people’s judgements of works.

Similarly, there are curious moments in music. What is Mozart’s ‘Dissonance’ introduction if not the skull in Ambassadors, if not anamorphosis? It’s a moment of desublimation or disarticulation or forcing apart or disintegration or disjunction. A late moment. For other examples, you’d need to look to examples of classical art. You need formal rigour in order to perceive deformation. What about moro lasso, or…


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