2011 and 6 December 2011

Not been on here much of late – just too bloody busy. Had toyed with writing an informal ‘best of 2011’, or something like that, but I can’t bring myself to write like that. In any case, off the top of my head…Leviathan, Prurient, Astral Social Club, Britney Spears, Bennett, Dennehy, Manoury, Beyonce, Rustie, Kanye/Jay Z, Lady Gaga, Wooden Shjips, Kim Cascone, and probably lots others, have all released great stuff this year…

…most of which would struggle to rival tonight’s stunning concert from Uchida and the LSO


2 Responses to “2011 and 6 December 2011”

  1. Tassilo Says:

    How the heck can one send private E-mail? I have a couple of comments on your review of the “Exquisite Labyrinth” performance of Pli selon pli.

  2. robotsdancingalone Says:

    There’s an address in the sidebar of the homepage, under ‘who is this?’. In any case, you can get me at mrstephengraham@yahoo.co.uk


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