Abba: Philosophy of Music

Right, book idea. Obvious forebear is Adorno’s Beethoven. Would have to be a little less heavy-handed with my politicising.

3 Propositions that might support such an idea:

-Many moments in pop history still need to be theorised, academicised;

-Abba are amazing (see above), for so many reasons, both intra- and extra-textual;

-Music that is this interesting has philosophy running around outside through it: peri-textual richness.

This could be great!



2 Responses to “Abba: Philosophy of Music”

  1. Liam Cagney Says:

    ABBA: mirror reflections and Pop’s palindrome …

  2. Stephen Graham Says:

    You could write a book under such a title, which served as a mirror of my one. Double mirror.

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