Review round up

Some recent articles and other stuff by me:

At the Journal of Music, on lo-fi music. This piece was prompted after listening to Lady Lavender and reading David Toop’s Sinister Resonance.

At the Journal again, on a concert of Martin Creed’s. Creed’s great strength, as an artist and a musician, is his reframing of the relationship between an idea of the aesthetic and one of the everyday. Each collapses into the other in the hands of Creed, but not without preserving what is individual in each one at the same time. Reminds me a little of Gabriel Orozco, whose show I saw the other day at the Tate. What is most vivid in each artist is their insistence on the flexibility and the fluidity of the category of the aesthetic.

At Musical Criticism, on an interesting and engaging concert of works by or inspired by Xenakis, the latter category including new pieces by Roger Redgate, Michael Finnissy, and Haris Kittos.

I also saw Kylie last week, and, apart from the sore lack of ‘I Should Be So Lucky’, she was awesome. Especially ‘Get Outta My Way’.


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