Loved to Death

King’s Place seem to have an uncanny knack for programming a consistently impressive range of music. Most of that music is contemporary and somehow or way off the beaten track, whether it be Philip Jeck and Janek Schafer playing around with aquatic themes, IRCAM alumni talking and playing us through some of their latest toys, or Grup Instrumental de València telling of the spectral secrets of Flamenco.

The British ensemble Counterpoise visit the venue this coming Monday. Counterpoise have made it their intention to found something of a modern genre of melodrama at a remove from Victorian cliché, a form into which contemporary music drama may at least in part flow. I interviewed the composer John Casken and the group’s trumpet player Deborah Calland ahead of the show. Both had interesting things to say about the group’s activities, about the state of modern music drama, and about the Casken commission, Deadly Pleasures, which forms the central part of the concert. Casken goes into some detail on the fundamentals of the piece, and much is revealed about his approach to the theatre. Go here to read the interview.


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